Custom made PlayStation 4 wireless LED controller with independent LEDs.

**TechFire ArcadeFi2e** Ps4 Smart LED controller

Painted custom housing featuring a lightning bolt design.

The lights under the "D-pad" (directional pad) and under the action buttons (triangle, square, X,O) are blue and cannot be controlled or change the color. These photos are unaltered No filters applied to photos.

The lights that shine through the joysticks (thumbsticks) and left and right side of the controller are Smart LED lights. One light for each side of the controller.

You may choose between:
Smooth transition
Adjust brightness
Turn lights On/off
Or choose between various colors.

**** The LEFT side smart lights work independently from the RIGHT side meaning you can choose a color or function for each side ( except dpad and action buttons)

Rumbles are removed (The shaking/vibration function do not work/disabled/removed).

This will include the remote control pictured to control the light colors and other various functions.

This product is guaranteed to work with your playstation 4 console.

This product is compatible with most* windows based personal computers.

No assembly required.
Please read below:

Each photo is for illustration of the options you may choose at check out. Each controller has a factory REAR case (housing). This is the back of the controller...... it will come in black, dark blue or white at random depending on what parts are available at the time of order.

Build and shipping times: This product is not kept in-stock, each one is made (sand, primer, paint, disassembly/Reassembly, wiring, testing, repacking etc)
when a new order is placed. Each order will ship within 3 - 7 days from the point that etsy finishes processing the order (for etsy payment processing times please see etsy facts* page)

Each controller is tested to ensure the controller functions within the normal range of a factory controller (No rapid fire) this is an aesthetic modification.

This product does not include the factory box, it is not factory sealed.
Includes the remote pictured to control the LEDs functions in each grip of the controller (left+right) and also controls the lights inside the thumbsticks/analogs/axis/joysticks.

Within each grip (left and right) are smart LED lights.

Under the d-pad and X,O,Triangle & Square buttons are constant blue LEDs (They do not change color)

Clear transparent thumbsticks and action buttons complete this great looking ps4 controller and allow light to pass through them.

Show off to friends and family with this must have game accessory!

This is a hand assembled hand crafted item, custom painted, custom buttons. Imperfections/ flaws or small blemishes should be expected/anticipated, no two items are identical although every effort is made for consistency and durability.

Rumbles (vibration) have been removed. Expect 5-10% battery life/game time and with no vibration ..make that scoped shot easily.

Playstation 4 PS4 Wireless "ArcadeFi2e" independent controllable LEDs custom mad

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