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PlayStation 4 custom modified 1 TB console w/LED
1 × Custom Wireless ps4 controller with Smart LED

Wireless controller features:
-smart ps4 controller

-Choose between 13 colors
You can also adjust the brightness of all the lights*

[  Please note the LED illuminating the action buttons (triangle, O, Square, X) and Dpad. Are a fixed blue color and cannot be changed ]

Sony PlayStation 4 console features:
This is the "big" or "1st Gen model" PS4 unit.

The PlayStation has been upgraded to an SSD 1TB hard drive and console. It has been disassembled cleaned and carefully rebuilt refurbished to brand new as the thick older first generation are not made new any longer by sony.

This unit plays and operates as any other PS4 but with LED upgrades. The LEDs in the console itself are powered by 1 × micro USB port on your PS4 

Front casing/housing covers are made with lexan/plastic or/plexi.

Custom vinyls custom paint custom hand made 100% original.

No assembly required. 

Because of the nature of this item, blemishes, flaws, imperfections and inconsistencies should be anticipated, it will NOT be perfect. No two items are identical. 

The rear housing/shell of the ps4 controller will come as a solid factory g